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The Cows

My name is Millie.
I’m a dairy cow on my way to slaughter. My body can no longer produce enough milk to be profitable. For the past few years my life has been a continuous cycle of impregnation, giving birth, and having my milk stolen from my babies and fed to
humans. I was milked 10 months out of the year even during my consecutive nine-month pregnancies. Three times a day, seven days per week I was hooked up to painful electric milking machines then put back in my cement and metal cell.

Within hours of giving birth, my helpless calves were forcibly taken away from me. The males were sold for veal or pet food, and the females were imprisoned in tiny stalls to begin their lives of enslavement to the dairy industry.

Being vegan means NOT consuming dairy products. We dairy cows and our babies live short, miserable and tormented lives AND, we still end up being slaughtered too. 40% of America’s hamburger is made from “spent” dairy cows.  Don't be fooled by labels like "Organic" milk either.  "Organic" dairies are just as cruel as all the rest and just as deadly for the calves and "spent" cows.

Learn a mother cow's perspective of her experience as a dairy cow (pdf)
Learn a newborn calf's perspective as the "by product" of the dairy industry (pdf)



Learn more about the benefits of vegan living and find out how it will help you, the environment, starving people, and of course, the animals. For an excellent introduction to vegan living, see the Vegan Starter Kit and the Vegan Guides and get lots of tips on nutrition, vegan shopping and dining out, helpful resources; and delicious recipes.