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The Birds - Chickens

My name is Mabel.
At one day old I was placed on a conveyor belt with thousands of other baby chicks. As we rolled down we were “sorted”. The males were tossed, still alive, into a huge garbage can. They would later be poured into a grinder and be ground up alive.

Their remains were made into a paste and used to feed other captive animals and us. Meanwhile, we girls moved down to the next horrifying event. One by one we were grabbed by the neck to have our faces shoved into the “de-beaker”. This was as painful as it was terrifying. A hot bloody blade sliced off anywhere from the end of our beaks to the entire beak, depending on how much we squirmed in pain.

Then we were dropped back onto the conveyor belt as we continued on to the shipping area. Soon we were being packed into boxes to be sent to facilities that call themselves "cage-free, free range,and battery caged" - despite what you may have heard, they are equally horrific -where we will replace the "spent” hens before us.

By the time we arrived at egg production warehouses, several of the girls in my shipping box had already died from stress or suffocation. Our lives have been Hell so far and it’s only going to get worse.

Here I sit and stand in darkness and misery shoulder to shoulder with thousands of other young terrified hens. We are starving, covered in the constantly accruing feces of the thousands of hens. We have never seen the sun, breathed fresh air, or felt the ground under our feet. Soon I will be back on the conveyor belt; but this time I’ll be hanging helplessly from my feet as an electrical current jolts through me. I will only be paralyzed, NOT unconscious as I approach the killing knife that will slit my throat.

As I hang there pain and terror stricken, I will finally be dunked into scalding hot water to remove the few remaining feathers I had. My only relief in life is death.

I am one of 24 million birds killed each day in the US.
Eggs are NOT cruelty-free.



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